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MvC3: Iron Man MvC3: Iron Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

*Insert Finger Here*

Timing on each bit was absolutely solid, no form of repetition what so ever, the voice acting was quite amusingly in character, the animation was swift, well done, and remarkably detailed, *particularly those distractingly glorious leg hairs....*

Keep up the fine work, good sir!

Girlchan in Paradise Ep3 Girlchan in Paradise Ep3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very impressive visuals & phenomenal voice acting!

Visually speaking, this bodes out to be some of the most attractive animations I've seen on newgrounds, and both you and Tomamoto deliver absolutely fantastic and well emotive voice acting towards your respective characters. I particularly enjoy the over-dramatization of random lines and the lips continuing to move long after the lines have been said.

However, I felt that the script was very weak, and made it very hard for me to retain interest in continuing to watch the flash. Some of the jokes and dialog made me chuckle, but most of it simply felt flat. My general perspective is if the premise of humor is more kind of "in your face" based like this was, then length needs to be condensed, if longer, than it's kind of preferred to have a story with more substance than humor.

Nevertheless, still an incredibly impressive flash, and despite my opinion of the script, 5/5 is what you get because of how much hard work was clearly put into this animation.

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Tarboy Tarboy

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I honestly would have never expected something of this level of quality to be capable on newgrounds. The artwork was sub-par, one of the best I have ever seen on newgrounds. The voice acting was enthusiastic, and well portrayed for both the grandfather and grandson.

The music was clever, funny, kind of sad towards the end, and just all around had a great kick to it. A tale of greed leading to tragedy / robo-genocide, leading to revenge, leading to deception and downfall, and then back to soon to come revenge. Had a dark feel while still keeping that uplift of the song sung by the grandfather to it.

Pretty much to sum this all up, this is a perfect kind of flash. Has everything you'd want in a flash: action, comedy, emotion, great music, great artwork. Phenomenal job, James Lee.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I enjoyed it.

I felt the story was pretty amusing, the jokes were well done, particularly Francis healing the girl. I'm not too familiar with the game, but I didn't need to be to laugh at the flash. But some parts I felt could have been fixed up on. The voice sounds namely. The beginning, I felt was a tad bit slow. The pootube, the bathroom, the sleeping, I felt that you could've left those "times after infection" slots for better imagery, but that's just me. Plus, the rest more than made up for it.

Now, in regards to Psychopatrick88, how can you seriously say he should listen to the reviewers people are giving him when most of them are just nonsense? "YOU DON'T DESERVE YOUR SCORE!!" "THIS WAS BORING AND UNFUNNY!" He should respect THESE kinds of reviews? And even when it got to Joelasticot, while his review was somewhat constructive, it was more arrogant than anything else.

Reviews are about naming ways to improve flashes for next time, not for shooting down what you thought sucked, without at least offering an alternative. And as for "offering" him story ideas to make his better. That's just straight up arrogance, nothing more. And if the reviews are complete nonsense and disrespectful, why should he "open his ears" to them?

Anywho, nice work on the flash, looking forward to what comes next from you bud.

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Zone of the Awesome Zone of the Awesome

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Originality with this type of animation = Win.

Even after voicing in one of the "Ego Tributes," I'm still not too keen on the idea, for one reason.

Your project gets trashed by people over and over for the sake of it BEING an EgoTribute. Here's the way I saw it:

Your animation design was something else, you had some very detailed design, if it when there was actual animation, it felt as though it had that "sandpaperesque" feel. But it was impressive to see, and visually nice.

The voice acting was decent, but the sound quality was not. My recommendation would have been to either tune up the noise removal with whatever recording gear you used, or to have just gotten voice actors from VAC, Newgrounds, or VAA with better mics.

I'm not too familiar with ZOE, but it did make me laugh when I saw robot with breasts then with that panel that looked like a penis. The jokes, were okay. A couple made me laugh, but all in all, I wasn't particularly amused.

But the thing I see in your flash is true talent. You have great design schemes, and I think, that if next time you push for a completely original on your own idea versus a tribute, you'll get a much better response, and above all else, it will be entirely your call. You won't have to worry about matching up to EgoRaptor's work. And frankly, with the talent you got with animation, I think it's a much more productive spending of your time to make something that comes from you, so it's 100% your touch, and 100% your work. Not that tributes are a bad thing, it's just that too many people mistake tribute with rip-off. Sometimes that's true, in this case, I wouldn't say so.

So all in all, good work.

I marked it as 6/10 for the reasons stated, but I still marked it as 5/5 voting because of the effort I saw.

Keep at it man.

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Phobotech responds:

The entire problem is a lack of recording equipment altogether, lol. I'm using a headset and the Windows default sound recorder. Luckily, though, this problem will be fixed by my next project.

Also duly noted to put forth more effort into the writing, and if a constant barrage of jokes are involved, up the quality.

I'm truly thankful that you understand me. I will most definitely keep at it, and I hope you'll love the future projects I have in store. This was a brilliant review, and I can't thank you enough for it...

....but I'll try. Thank you very much!

$00pah NiN10Doh! $00pah NiN10Doh!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Single handedly, one of the greatest flashes I have ever seen. Like honestly bud, you had it all. Great voices, great animators, funny jokes, outstanding graphics and artwork, everything was synced perfectly. There is honestly nothing I can say about how perfect this flash is that you probably don't already know.

Great job, and keep up the superb work.

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Nico-do 2nd - Kirbomix~ Nico-do 2nd - Kirbomix~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well then...

What can I say? I entered the flash not knowing what to expect, listened in, couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Not once did I really follow what was going on, like at all, but it was creative, imaginative, had shown quite a group effort, and most of all, the lyrics, however ridiculously absurd they were, are just hysterical. Great to see a great team of voice actors singing in group univison like that, and I hope all goes well for any future projects you roll with.

Nice quality work bud.

Pico's School The Movie 2 Pico's School The Movie 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Now, I'm still fairly not used to the newgrounds scene, so please bare with me if I sound a bit unfamiliar with Pico, *old age does that I guess...*

But this was incredibly well crafted in your production of this animation. Movement was very smooth, the action was both there and wicked, and there was no stops or unneeded scenes in this. Short or not, it shows a lot of time and effort, and it shows what someone who puts the time and effort into making a well rounded animation can whip up. Now normally, I don't like videos without voice acting, but the way you had this all animated, voices and dialog needed not be said. Really just a great flash all around in my opinion.

Very well done, and all the best on any future flashes you make. :)

Resident Evil SARS Part 3 Resident Evil SARS Part 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good stuff.

I think this has loads of improvement from the first two S.A.R.S. The voice acting, the animation, the writing, and so on. There was definitely better action scenes in this one than in the previous two flashes. The voice acting improved immensely, there was far less static from the voices, more emoting, and I particularly enjoyed Rina-Chan and Omahdon's voices for Jill and Reskew and or Ronald....

I think some writing could still be improved, such as having more in the flash itself and less in the sequel preview, which was still funny mind you.

But all in all, great job, I think it was a great way to end the RE1 parody section, and I was glad to be able to voice in this.

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Splinter Cell: TGA Splinter Cell: TGA

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Was good.

Here are a couple things I think needed work though:

1. Sync was pretty off loop, I think to make it run more smoothly you definitely gotta do something about the sync.

2. Sound changes, something about the volume changed the quality of the voice clips from what I saw, I don't know if that's anything you can actually solve, but I'd definitely try something.

3. Some of the guards were a bit hard to understand, namely the one Sam interrogates and kills.

4. The music in the intro credits sounds like it's been recorded from afar, my honest opinion would be to find a higher quality sounding song for your intro versus what just sounds cool but has poor sound quality, y'know?

But overall, I think it was amusing and I enjoyed voicing Sam and Lambert. Best of luck to any future projects y'all got going.

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cyotecody555 responds:

Yeah watching it after knowing how to fix the Sound streaming problems is hard
I just wish I could've made this when I knew to Stream it rather than Event the sounds
Then everything would be in time