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*Insert Finger Here*

Timing on each bit was absolutely solid, no form of repetition what so ever, the voice acting was quite amusingly in character, the animation was swift, well done, and remarkably detailed, *particularly those distractingly glorious leg hairs....*

Keep up the fine work, good sir!

Very impressive visuals & phenomenal voice acting!

Visually speaking, this bodes out to be some of the most attractive animations I've seen on newgrounds, and both you and Tomamoto deliver absolutely fantastic and well emotive voice acting towards your respective characters. I particularly enjoy the over-dramatization of random lines and the lips continuing to move long after the lines have been said.

However, I felt that the script was very weak, and made it very hard for me to retain interest in continuing to watch the flash. Some of the jokes and dialog made me chuckle, but most of it simply felt flat. My general perspective is if the premise of humor is more kind of "in your face" based like this was, then length needs to be condensed, if longer, than it's kind of preferred to have a story with more substance than humor.

Nevertheless, still an incredibly impressive flash, and despite my opinion of the script, 5/5 is what you get because of how much hard work was clearly put into this animation.


I honestly would have never expected something of this level of quality to be capable on newgrounds. The artwork was sub-par, one of the best I have ever seen on newgrounds. The voice acting was enthusiastic, and well portrayed for both the grandfather and grandson.

The music was clever, funny, kind of sad towards the end, and just all around had a great kick to it. A tale of greed leading to tragedy / robo-genocide, leading to revenge, leading to deception and downfall, and then back to soon to come revenge. Had a dark feel while still keeping that uplift of the song sung by the grandfather to it.

Pretty much to sum this all up, this is a perfect kind of flash. Has everything you'd want in a flash: action, comedy, emotion, great music, great artwork. Phenomenal job, James Lee.

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You're one cold away from a River Atkin Downes.

RiverK responds:

I've already made that one! I should take bets on my next one though.

Has a very easy going yet subtle pace to it with a very natural build-up to the heavier stuff around the 2:30 and upward. Towards the very very end, I MAY have had the final note fade or echo just a few seconds longer, but that's just me. All in all, t'was a great listen, man!

Awesome work as always!

The sounds of "Oma" eating = Easy Listening - Jazz.

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